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10 Reasons Living in Spokane is the Absolute Best

10 Reasons living in spokane is the absolute best

Spokane’s favorite hashtag is #spokanedoesntsuck, it was started by a guy who was moving to Spokane and heard that it sucked and found out that in fact, Spokane doesn’t suck at all and actually, Spokane is a really nice place to live.

We’ve always been a “small big city”, we are smack dab in the middle of farmland, mountains and desert. We are also the biggest city for miles and miles, we have large city amenities and for those of us who live here, we see ourselves as urban dwellers. This juxtaposition of country and city is what makes Spokane, Spokane.

Spokane has struggled to find its identity, getting caught up in trying to be bigger than we are and not relishing what we have. Over the last 10 years though, Spokane has gone through somewhat of a renaissance. Yes, some of the bigger city trends have made their way here, but we’ve also seen Spokane embrace itself. We’ve seen neighborhoods revitalized, a booming arts scene develop and our housing market flourish. We’ve seen Spokane come into its own and decide that maybe the things we struggled to accept are the very things that make this an amazing place to live.

10 Reasons Living in Spokane is The Best

Photo by @georgexjohnson

1. 76 Lakes and 5 ski areas!

No matter where you are in Spokane, you are close to a lake, we have 76 lakes within easy driving distance, making it our favorite summer pastime. And in the winter? We are just 2 hours from some of the best ski resorts in the Northwest. We are a year round outdoor activity mecca!

Photo by @christian_snell.

Photo by @christian_snell.

2. Food & Wine Scene.

The Spokane food landscape has drastically changed in the last couple years, what used to be the land of the restaurant chain, is now a place where local and fresh food is valued, plentiful and on the rise. We have local chefs who have made names for themselves on a national stage, and more and more, food is becoming a Spokane institution. We also have a vibrant wine culture here, with award-winning wineries and tasting rooms dotted around the city.

Photo by @spokaneeats

3. Events that rock.

Ok, ready for a bold claim? NOBODY loves a large scale outdoor event like Spokanites. Spokane is the home of HoopFest (the largest outdoor 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world) and Bloomsday, which attracts 40,000 participants every year. We also have smaller events like the Lilac Festival, Pig Out in the Park, farmer’s markets and so many more. When there’s an event or cause, Spokane jumps in to support and help!

4. Our housing market is just right.

Spokane’s housing market is hot right now, but it’s also not nearly as expensive as many larger cities. We have nice areas for almost every price point, making this a city where everyone can find a quality home in a good neighborhood, whether you’re a multimillionaire looking for a lake house or a first-time home buyer looking for your first investment.

Downtown Spokane

Photo by @iamjakereinert

5. Cost of Living.

Everything is just a little bit more affordable here. In Spokane, you can eat like a king, have a nice house, be in a good school district and be close to the outdoors for far less than you would expect to pay in other places. You can get by with less and have way more.

6. Coffee on every block…literally.

After living in other cities for 10 years, I now understand that the whole coffee stand thing? It’s a strictly Inland NW phenomena…and it’s genius! Our winters are cold, our summers are hot and we decided that coffee should be as accessible as McDonald’s, and we were right.

Reasons to live in spokane

7. The weather!

Ok, we did have the longest winter known to mankind last year, but honestly, the weather in Spokane is pretty great. We have four distinct seasons. Just as you get sick and tired of one, another season is right behind it bringing something altogether new. We have beautiful snowy winters and hot and dry summers (with no humidity!), so you never get bored!

10 Reasons Spokane is the best place to live

Photo by @will.sights on Instagram

8. Our downtown is downright charming.

Spokane’s downtown is charming by anyone’s standards. We have really old buildings, really new buildings, it’s walkable and always has enough going on to keep you busy all year. Whether you’re standing on the Monroe St Bridge looking at our Falls, taking a walk in Browne’s Addition or shopping at River Park Square, our downtown is a great place to spend a day.

9. Culture without the pretension.

We have genuinely cool things happening in Spokane; our art scene is flourishing, we have amazing restaurants, great shopping, a beautiful downtown and there is a budding start-up scene;  but the best part? Spokane values “down to earth” more than “cool”, we like to sip the finest wine and eat aged cheddar as much as the next person, but we want to do it in jeans, preferably outside.

Photo by @king_stu

10. Big city amenities, little city vibes.

Spokane has almost all of the things a large city does, (albeit in smaller portions), but community is still central to life in Spokane. Whether it’s getting behind our Zags, putting on a world famous event or supporting a new local business, Spokane has a small city feel that is as strong as it ever was.

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